The Key to Reseller Success


The Reseller’s Kwick Key™ is your ‘Kwick Start” to a long-term successful relationship. Merely, plug it in to access

• Materials
• Agreements
• User Guide
• Quick Start Guide
• FAQs
• Contact information
• Kwick Key™ registration and sign up


• Regional and/or Channel Manager(s) are committed to your success
• Timely reseller response
• Training
• Tiers 1 and 2 support through Resellers
• Tier 3 support through Atom AMPD


• Generous discounts contribute to your revenue growth.
- - Contact Us at for details.
• Support and Service options available
• See Pricing for details


The Atom AMPD Kwick Key™ operating system is a "convergent" technology which provides businesses the ability to best serve clients and businesses with multiple network and communication sources. The improvement is in the end result, efficiency, and productivity.

Through our professional team and our Resellers we bring the BEST of CLASS software to the market which helps your customers achieve their best in network communication solutions.

Our web enabled communications platform, Kwick Key™, powered by atomOS will:

• Lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)* up to 70%.
• Extend the functionality and service life of standard server hardware.
• Add a path to secure cloud-based enterprise communications operations.
• Significantly improve operational efficiency.
• Bring multiple Features and functionality together to work as one.
• Provide end users an initial general base two year base license; additional Features may vary.

*TCO refers to the ability to enable convergent technology, better utilize servers and infrastructure, efficient training, and enhanced productivity.

• The atomOS Kwick Key™ is software only - enabling your customers and end users to repurpose or to purchase hardware if desired.

• The “Kwick Key™” provides all software in one easy to use USB drive; a redundancy option is available.

The key to your success is the Atom AMPD Kwick Key™.

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