Team Leaders

Tim A. Williams PhD, MBA


Tim A. Williams PhD, MBA has more than 35 years of experience building high-growth, high technology companies. Combining his experience in Silicon Valley startup companies with a strong educational base, Tim brings significant experience in both technology and business leadership required to create successful high-growth companies. Tim has been a principal in 15 start-up companies of which four have sold for over $300 million each. One of these was Atheros Communications (wireless LAN) which was purchased in June 2011 by Qualcomm for $3.3 billion.

Many of the companies where Tim has played a significant role are private, but recognized leaders in the areas of telephony, wireless LAN and massively parallel computers used in high speed computation. He received his B.S. and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. He also holds a Ph.D. in the subject of Fields and Waves and received his MBA at the University of Texas in Austin, specializing in finance. He is a registered patent agent and is named inventor on 26 issued U.S. Patents in the areas of Wireless communications, telephony and digital signal processing.

Daniel Field, MSC

Chief Executive Officer and President

Daniel Field is internationally recognized for his leadership, highly-diversified background and vision in the technology sector. With more than 30 years of experience building and managing high-growth high technology companies, he is recognized for formulating and deploying strategic initiatives that focus on the development of integrated and disruptive technologies. His vision of convergence has been applied to utilize and link best existing practices with proprietary frameworks.

Recognizing that high-growth technology firms thrive when they combine superior management with creative and dedicated teams and individuals, Daniel has identified opportunities and developed new tools, processes and applications that reshape businesses with innovative technological solutions. Early in his career, Daniel recognized that disruptive innovations have served as the basis for success of technology companies which add value and create new opportunities at extremely competitive prices. Atom AMPD is an excellent example of a business which has deployed disruptive innovations to invade and replace older, more staid approaches in an area historically dominated by a few large corporations.

The companies which Daniel has founded or in which he has invested specialized in a number of divergent markets but with emphases in Internet Security, Health Care, Education and Olympic Sport Federations. Daniel’s development expertise includes Voice Biometrics, Communications, Networking, Software & Database design and implementation and Mobility Application Development.
Daniel received his B.S. degrees from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and the University of Arizona, and his Master of Science degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Steve Tamagni

Chief Operations Officer and Executive Vice President

Mr.Tamagni has over 35 years of experience founding, building and managing high technology companies and teams. His successes include the “Best of Show” award at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Early in his career Mr. Tamagni co-founded a High
Technology Software Company called Service Station Computer
System, Inc. This Company created software for gasoline serice
stations repair shops and convenience stores. Clients include
Moore Business Systems, Inc., E.K. Williams Company
(Accounting Provider), Mobil Oil Company and Chevron.
Technology Partnership agreements were established with IBM,
Gilbarco, Dresser Wayne, Anadex, WYSE and Altos Computers.
Early in the Company’s formation, SSCS served as a Beta Test site
for Digital Research software. Today, SSCS has over ten
thousand business clients.

Roberto Alvarez Vela

Chief Marketing Officer

Roberto Alvarez Vela has more than 27 years of experience building and restructuring companies in the U.S. and Europe. These industries include consumer products, media, gaming, software, telecommunications, IP technologies and nanotechnology. He has been instrumental in the growth and development of a number of Communications and Networking enterprises and additionally has founded, invested and provided board services to nine high-technology companies in the Americas and Europe.

Roberto joined Coherent Communications, a telecommunications technology provider, to further develop and position the Company for what culminated in a successful IPO and later the Tellabs acquisition. At that time, he was a management leader with Ipsilon Networks, an IP Switching disruptive technology Company. This was the first Company to develop and successfully market the first networking and firewall appliance; Ipsilon was acquired by Nokia. During his tenure with Nokia, Roberto managed the integration of Ipsilon with Nokia Networks, established the Nokia office in Miami, Florida, participated in the creation of Nokia's Mobile Internet Applications and Nokia's Mobile Software divisions, and managed the media, ISPs, XSPs, and gaming companies. A native of Ecuador, he was formally educated in the fields of computer science and business management.

Bryan Hepkema

Chief Information Officer

Bryan Hepkema is responsible for all product and support information related activities for Atom AMPD. This includes developing specifications and product parameters based on client interaction, quality assurance and testing, and overall management of the support function.

Bryan brings over 25 years of experience in the fields of computing and IT specifically geared towards deploying hardware and software solutions for data communications and connectivity. Bryan is an expert in Firewall security, Windows server and workstation configuration, Unix/Linux and system administration. He is also a proficient programmer in C, Pascal, PL/SQL and PHP programming languages. He has extensive experience in areas of Quality Control, Software Test Engineering and IT Management.

Chris Beyne

Director of Business Development

Chris Beyne has worked extensively in technology business development. His experience promotes strategic growth in bringing technology products to the Midwest region and to channel markets, focusing on the educational sector. His successes include development of networks and forging strategic alliances with the association sector for a start-up procurement technology Company. This resulted in an endorsed product in the association and publishing sector. Chris participates in a number of trade show and speaking venues for the targeted markets served by Atom AMPD including the Educational market sector.

Chris holds a B.A. in Marketing from Roosevelt University and Public Management from Indiana University.

Dennis Sim, MBA

General Director (Asia Pacific)

Dennis is an avid business innovator who has worked and conducted business in more than 10 countries worldwide, including the US, United Kingdom, China, Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia. During his career, Dennis has been involved in a number of businesses including media and communications, mobile and wireless, ICT and IoT.

Over the last 33 years, his extensive business experience includes global business development, mergers & acquisitions, initial public offerings and private equity investments. Dennis started his executive career at the investment division of a leading Singapore bank. He then moved on to one of the largest global oil companies; British Petroleum, handling their business development activities in South East Asia.

From 1999 to 2004, Dennis was based in Silicon Valley – USA. During that time, he was involved in mergers and acquisitions, and IPO activities for a group of Singapore linked technology companies. Prior to joining AtomAMPD as their General Director for Asia Pacific, he was spearheading various technology ventures in China including major projects in the ICT industry.

Dennis is an MBA graduate from Warwick Business School – University of Warwick, U.K. He is a Singapore citizen and resides there.

Amir Baharudin

Head of Technology (Asia Pacific)

Amir has more than 22 years of experience in the ICT industry, managing major projects and operations in the areas of BPL, Security, IP Transit, VoIP, Wireless and Networking. Prior to joining AtomAMPD as Head of Technology – Asia Pacific, he was the General Manager of Technology at a publicly listed Malaysian Company specializing in Managed IT Security for leading local banks, VoIP and Wireless solutions.

Throughout Amir’s ICT career, he has assumed not just senior management but functional, operational roles as well. As such, his domain expertise encompasses both hardware (e.g. Dell, Cisco, IBM, Meraki, Ligoware) and software development (e.g. Ubuntu, redHat Linux, HTML 5, PhP, Java).

Amir is a graduate in Information Studies from MARA University of Technology (Malaysia). He is from Malaysia and resides in the capital city – Kuala Lumpur.

James Poh

Business Development Director (Asia Pacific)

James has 27 years of experience in ICT Sales & Marketing, Systems Integration, Product Distribution, channels development and systems implementation. 19 of those years were spent in Senior Management roles of which the last 10 years were as Country Heads or as Managing Director in Malaysia.

Having previously worked for IBM, Oracle, DataOne, Deloitte Consulting and NCS (a Singapore Telecom Company), he has extensive experience in Product Distribution, IT Outsourcing and Managed Services, Consulting Services, Call Center Operations, Systems Integration, Project Management, large account management and channels management.

Prior to joining AtomAMPD as their Business Development Director for Asia Pacific, James was the Senior Vice President at Dataprep Bhd., a publicly listed entity and the oldest Systems Integrator Company in Malaysia. He was directly responsible for their Product Distribution, Infrastructure Solutions and Technology Integration businesses.

James has a B.Sc. degree in Management and Computer Science from University Sains Malaysia. He is a Malaysian and resides in Subang, Malaysia.

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